The Franke GLI has a small budget to help support expenses related to students’ capstone projects. Teams with project-related expenses may submit a proposal outlining the justification for the expenses and a line-item budget estimating the cost of each expense (see below).

After the proposal has been reviewed, an award amount will be determined. The Franke GLI Program Coordinator will meet with each team during finals week to discuss the process for accessing funds. Any personal funds used for purchases will not be reimbursed. Each team will be expected to identify one team member who will serve as the project funding liaison with GLI staff.

Keep in mind there may be other sources of funding both on campus and in the community. Teams should not expect to receive more than $300 from the Franke GLI.


For capstone teams that work closely with one of more organizations throughout the year, there will be an informal mid-year evaluation submitted by the organization and a formal evaluation of the capstone team at the end of the spring semester. In order to conduct these evaluations, GLI will need to know the name of the organization and the contact information for the main point of contact with whom you are working. If you are not working with an organization, then you also need to report that using this same form.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.